Fourth Sunday of Lent

My dear parishioners and friends of our parish community: Praised be Jesus Christ, King of Endless Glory!

 This Fourth Sunday of Lent is traditionally known by Catholics as “LAETARE SUNDAY.” This name is derived from the first words of this Lenten Sunday’s entrance antiphon, “Rejoice, Jerusalem!”

 Today we hear the second of three lengthy Gospel stories that form the core of our Lenten days of repentance and personal conversion. This week, the Lord Jesus heals the man born blind. Jesus wants all people to see that His glory is revealed in ways that radically challenge the attitudes of the day; in this case the accepted belief that people were afflicted with a disability because of their own sin or the sins of their parents or ancestors. Jesus simply heals!

 Jesus calls us to a new way of thinking, opening us to great possibilities of His transforming love and mercy. How have YOU discovered the mercy of Jesus during this Holy Lenten Season? Let the Lord Jesus dispel the darkness of sin in your life and let His holy light shine!

 Here are some rather brief ways you can stay close to Jesus this fourth week of Lent 2008:

1. Spend some time reading and studying the gospel of St. John.
2. Pray for a safe and successful trip to the USA in April 2008 for 
    Pope Benedict XVI.
3. Say a rosary for the intentions of Bishop Michael Cote and the 
    Diocese of Norwich.
4. Visit the sick, the suffering, the needy, and help those who minister
    to them.
5. Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for those in need.
6. Join us for Stations of the Cross on Friday nights in our beautiful
7. Consider making a special donation to the ABA or Operation Rice 
8. Offer your doubts to Jesus and ask Him to increase your faith.
9. Examine your conscience and resolve to go to Confession soon.
10. Light a votive candle today for peace in the world.

Yes we are all in need of healing. Let us not be afraid to name our own sins and the sins that grip our world. Let us ask Jesus to snatch us out of the darkness and into His own wonderful light. A pleasant Lenten Sunday to each of you!

Fr. Jim

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