The Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

My dear parishioners and friends of our parish community: Praised be Jesus Christ! Now and forever!

Take a deep breath. That’s it! Relax in the presence of the Lord our God and Creator. Remember right here and right now that the Almighty God IS the source of life who breathed life into you from the beginning of your earthly existence. Created in God’s image, we have all received life! Recreated into the image of Christ, we have received new life. These are absolutely free gifts from our loving God.

 The Lord Jesus reminds us of this fact in today’s Gospel of the Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary time: “Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give (Matthew 9:36).” Imagine what the Church and this world would look like if we each gave without counting the cost! We are summoned today to imitate our generous God by sharing with others the many gifts that God has given us. Think of the numerous ways that St. John’s parish gives to others without counting the cost. How is God calling you this summer to place your gifts at the service of His people?

 Our summers, traditionally, have been times of rest, refurbishment, and planning for new challenges. Summer vacation time for some will mean a change of scenery, but others will just stay put. Perhaps keeping close to home and enjoying the backyard and garden. Just when it seems like the price of gas at the pump can’t get any higher, it does.

 As summer begins, Americans everywhere are outraged, frustrated, and angry at the ridiculously high prices. Many of us are worried. How much worse will it get? Yet we are sustained by our faith and trust in God. Every one of us must make time for Him. Don’t forget to attend Mass
each day and of course, each Sunday. Stop and visit a Catholic Church on vacation. Join with that community for Holy Mass – you’ll be glad you did! Please be kind enough to remember to bring back parish bulletins for me, okay? I love to read them all!

 Please remember your financial commitment to your parish as well this summer. Our work continues for the glory of God here at St. John’s. We count upon your generosity throughout the summer.

We are already in mid-June, the month Catholics devote to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. On earth, the holy life of Jesus demonstrated to all the most beautiful love of His Divine Heart. That love of His Sacred Heart drove Him to the cross, on which its fullness is revealed. He allowed the spear of the soldier to pierce it from which flowed the abundant stream of blood and water. The Sacramental Life of the Church! It continues to this day.

The Third Sunday in June is Father’s Day in America. We commend to our prayers all living and deceased fathers, as well as those who will be fathers, in need of our spiritual assistance. We also sincerely offer our prayers for the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, along with the cares and intentions that lie in his heart within the Vatican.

 Most Sacred Heart of Jesus! We entrust to You our homeland, our cities and towns, our families and ourselves. Sacred Heart of Jesus, Your kingdom come!       

Happy Father’s Day!
Summer blessings to all!
God bless you,
Father Jim

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