Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

My dear parishioners and friends of our parish community: Praised be Jesus Christ! Now and forever!

 Last week the Lord Jesus summoned us to begin to develop the trait of humility, based on His Most Sacred Heart. This week we are asked to develop the trait of receptivity.

 Often due to family obligations, work schedules, and the general busy-ness of our lives, we do not take the time we need to allow God to speak to us. The metaphors used in today’s scripture readings of this Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, reminds us that we need to be like fertile garden soil., awaiting the rain and nutrients that will enrich the soil. For us, the Word of God provides the nutrients to the soul. I invite you today to think of just one brief way that you can be more receptive to God’s action in your own life. In this Summer season, let us be especially attentive to God’s saving word, allowing that word to enrich our lives.

 Upon entering the front main doors of our St. John Church today, you have probably walked on the new concrete entrance. Yes, the old step has been removed and new concrete leads right up to the main doors. This makes our main doors totally accessible for anyone entering or exiting through the front entrance, especially those in wheelchairs, with walkers and canes, or in power chairs. There is something very, very special about entering or exiting our beautiful church through its main doors, isn’t there? It’s like going back to your own house.

 Special people enter your home through the front doors, even more so in God’s house! Everyone is special to the Lord, therefore everyone is entitled to use the main doors of His house! How good the Lord is to us! Our new entrance makes this possible at St. John’s. I thank all the wonderful members of our St. John’s Building and Grounds Committee for helping us accomplish this work for our parish community. Thanks to your continued support and generosity, I will see to it that more projects get done around here! Together, we can do it all.

 I remind you that this week brings us to begin our ANNUAL PARISH SUMMER NOVENA TO ST. ANNE. These special “nine days of prayer” asking the powerful intercession of St. Anne will begin on Friday, July 18th at the 8 AM Mass and continue each day until Saturday, July 26th, the Solemn Feast of St. Anne. Please join us for Mass each day in our air-conditioned chapel. The beautifully restored statue of St. Anne, repaired and saved last summer from the old convent, will be honored in our church. A blessing with the First Class Relic of St. Anne will be a very special part of our St. Anne Summer Novena Days.

 Why all this attention to St. Anne? She is the grandmother of our Lord Jesus Christ, the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother-in-law of St. Joseph and the patroness of the Diocese of Norwich. I believe there’s a sign somewhere that says “Grandmothers are something special.” Certainly in heaven there is no doubt that special attention goes to St. Anne! Hope to see many of you making this Summer Novena to St. Anne. 

Jubilee Blessings in this Holy Year of St. Paul, Apostle!
Pleasant Summer Sunday to all of you!
Always, Father Jim

Gregorian Chant , et lux in tenebris…



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