Pentecost Sunday

…My dear parishioners and friends of our parish community: “Come Holy Spirit, and renew the face of the earth, Alleluia!” 

Today is PENTECOST SUNDAY!  The 50th and final day of our Easter Celebration!!!  We began back on a cold, dark Ash Wednesday, through the entire days of Lent…Easter Sunday, Divine Mercy Sunday, Ascension Thursday…to this awesome Pentecost Day, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit! 

The First Reading (Acts of the Apostles 2:1-11) brings us the familiar story of the first Pentecost Day.  As we remember the first Pentecost some two thousand years ago, we ask God again to send out the Holy Spirit and renew the face of the Earth today! 

This prayer seems fitting for our world today and the present crisis of faith that is so very rampant in the Church today.  We very often today see our beloved Catholic Church being mistreated and sometimes neglected by us, the ones called to be its stewards.  As we pray Psalm 104 on this Pentecost Day, let us reflect on the living presence of the Holy Spirit among us, and let us remember the call to stewardship bestowed on us by God.  Think of just one way you or your parish have been stewards of God’s earth, this historic church building and parish grounds entrusted to our care in these times, and the care given to all creatures. 

I am positive that you would easily conclude with me that we need the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is always sent by the Father and the Son.  The Holy Spirit helps us, like Jesus’ disciples, to remain close to Him. 

Pentecost is often referred to as “The Birthday of the Church”: as members of the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ on earth, we are guided by the Holy Spirit as we actively participate in the Holy Spirit’s ongoing mission to declare the truth of God’s love to all the world. 

Did you remember to wear something RED on this Pentecost Sunday?  The church filled in “red” today is a reminder of the Holy Spirit with us.  It reminds us how he came upon the Apostles with Our Blessed Mother gathered in prayer in Jerusalem.  Let the Holy Spirit descend upon us!  May He inspire us to greater works among us!  May He renew the face of the earth!

Sincerest thanks to all of you who so kindly remembered and celebrated with me on the occasion of my 18th Anniversary of Priestly Ordination on May 25th.  I thank you for all the lovely cards, gifts, flowers, prayers and Masses, and the delicious anniversary cake we all shared after the Cemetery Mass on Memorial Day.  It’s always a great joy to be able to share my Ordination Anniversary Day with those to whom I have been sent to minister to. 

This weekend, on Saturday, May 30th, the Diocese of Norwich welcomes one newly ordained priest!  Let us pray for him as begins his priestly ministry in service to our Diocese.  We pray for more priestly vocations.  Pray for all our priests and seminarians.

                                                            Come, Holy Spirit, rekindle us in the fire of your love! 
            Thanks for a glorious 50 days of Easter Season! 
                        Happy Pentecost Sunday to all! 
                                    Father Jim 

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