Twelfth Sunday of Ordinary Time

To all our parishioners and dear friends of our parish community…Praised be Jesus Christ!  Now and Forever! 


To mark the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the death of St. John Vianney, His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI is proclaiming a “Year of the Priest” which began on Friday, June 19th, the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, and ends on June 19th, 2010, with a World Meeting of Priests in St. Peter’s Square in Rome.  The Holy Father wants to bolster in all priests a sustained and deep-rooted desire for “spiritual perfection” as we effectively live out our priestly office. 


ST. John Vianney, whose feast day is on August 4th, will be declared the “Patron Saint of All the World’s Priests”; now he is considered the patron of parish priests.  According to Pope Benedict XVI, this 19th century saint is “a true example of a priest at the service of the flock of Christ! 


One of the first relics that I was given about a year before my own Priestly Ordination was a First-Class relic of St. John Vianney!  As you may recall, a First Class relic is an actual piece of bone of the canonized Saint.  I have kept his relic especially close to me in my daily prayers, work, and service as a parish priest.  I currently keep this relic in my rectory office before the statue of St. John Vianney there.  So my dear friends of the priesthood: you may be sure that I will keep extra close to the help and intercession of St. John Vianney during this special year now proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI. 


Let us pray through the intercession of this humble Saint of God that all priests will be strengthened in their vocations and grow ever more deeply in the Heart of Jesus and His Church.  Be assured of my own prayers for your intentions as I go about our spiritual exercises, and especially at morning Mass.  I thank you, too, for all your prayers offered for us priests.  What a blessing to us!


Thank you to Pam Perrone, General Chairperson of last Sunday’s Corpus Christi Outdoor City-Wide Procession; Mary Davignon, our parish chairperson; Claudia DeFrance, banquet chairperson and all the many wonderful and talented persons from our various participating parishes who worked so long and tiring to make our Corpus Christi procession a reality this year. 


Special thanks to His Excellency, Bishop Michael R. Cote, Bishop of Norwich for his tremendous support, encouragement and his presence with us last Sunday…to the Knights of Columbus for their guarding of the Most Blessed Sacrament…to the students from Xavier High School for carrying banners and flags…to J.R. Marino of American Contractors…and of course to all of YOU, our most faithful parishioners of our parishes!  Thank you for walking, singing, and adoring the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  Truly, God is present in the Sacrament!  Mark your calendars and join us next Corpus Christi Sunday on June 6th, 2010.  Until then…


                                                                                   Ever united in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, 
                                                        Fr. Jim 


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