Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

To all our parishioners and dear friends of our parish community…Praised be Jesus Christ!  Now and Forever! 


After hearing last week’s Gospel story of the commissioning of the Twelve Apostles, this week we now hear Jesus telling them to rest (St. Mark 6:30). 


We know St. Mark’s Gospel as the oldest and the briefest Gospel, he does not describe much of what happened, we know by his words that the Twelve have been successful.  Even at Jesus’ invitation for them to take some rest, still there is a great crowd of people who want to hear what Jesus and the Apostles have to say. 


Like tired Bishops, Priests, Deacons and Church workers, Jesus and the Apostles attempt to go off to a deserted place.  Yet there are those so desperately wanting to hear from Jesus’ teaching that they found a faster way to find them, and were at their new location even before they arrived!  Instead of being frustrated and angry because the vast crowd was present at the deserted place, Jesus opened Himself once more, finding a way to continue to teach them, and thus showing himself as a faithful shepherd to the crowd and to his Apostles. 


Yes, how good and loving Jesus Christ is!  In our world, where it sometimes seems as though we can never truly get away from the office or have a quiet evening at home, we too need to rest.  The rejuvenation that comes with really taking a step back and resting our minds and bodies is essential for fostering healthy relationships with God and with our families and friends, and important for our relationship with ourselves. 


While we are always called to lead lives as Christ’s followers, that does not mean we cannot take time out for ourselves to feel refreshed so we can continue our mission and work with renewed life.  It is Summer time!  This Summer week, listen to Jesus calling you to take a step back and rest awhile.  How will you take time out for rest?  How about making time for more daily prayer?  Does this Summer time allow you to make daily morning Mass?  To pray the Rosary or the Chaplet of Divine Mercy? 


I invite you to make our Annual Summer Novena of Masses and special prayers to dear Saint Anne.  Our Parish Summer Novena opened on Friday, July 17th and continues all this week.  St. Anne is the Grandmother of our Lord Jesus Christ, the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Patroness of our Diocese of Norwich. 


In these very difficult times, when so many of us have great concerns, let’s turn to Good Saint Anne!  She is most powerful and always ready to help in our needs.  These days of prayer and petition help us prepare for the great Feast Day of Saint Anne, which we will celebrate on Sunday, July 26th.  Good Saint Anne, our Diocesan Patroness, pray for us!!!

                                                                                 Summer Blessings on all of you! 
                                                            Father Jim

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