Sixth Sunday of Easter

Farewell Message – Deacon Steve Paradis

In honor of Deacon Steve Paradis’ last weekend as Transitional Deacon at St. John Church in Middletown, we have asked him to say a few words reflecting on his time spent with the people of St. John Church, and his experiences here:

            As I sit and reflect on the time that has passed since first I came to St. John’s Parish last fall, I feel a certain sadness in my preparations to depart.  I have grown close to many of you.  To be now separated from you, at least physically, is a great hardship.  I know that the separation is a matter of miles and that we will always have a bond that spans those miles, a kinship of heart that marks the truth of the Universal Church.

            But this is a time to rejoice, not of sadness.  I go back to Texas to be ordained, to finally answer the call of the Father.  My great joy is in doing the will of the Father, to take up the cross and follow Jesus Christ, to make of myself an offering.

            While I am going about the will of God in Texas, I encourage you to continue your efforts to do the will of God in Connecticut.  I have drawn much strength from the witness to the Faith that you have shown me here.  I take with me the example of Faith that you have set for me.  We will be working in different parts of the same vineyard, serving the same Master, drawing the same wage.  We as the branches, connected to the same vine, will continue to support one another and be supported by Jesus Christ, the true vine.

            Be assured that wherever I am, I take you with me.  Hold fast to the Truth, trust in Jesus Christ, and we will always be connected through him.  The mystery of the Blessed Trinity is to be found in the relationship of the Father to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.  We share in that mystery when we share in relationship with Him and each other.  May God bless you and keep you always in the palm of His hand, and may His light shine on you forever. 

                          – Deacon Steve Paradis


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